ZEISS Concave Diffraction Gratings

  • High Grating Efficiency and Low Stray Light
  • Holographically Produced to Minimize Aberrations
  • Rowland Circle or Polychromator Mounting Configurations

ZEISS Concave Diffraction Gratings combine dispersive and imaging properties into a single optical component for integration into spectroscopic systems. These concave gratings are produced holographically, optimizing the focal plane and minimizing aberrations over the wavelength range of the grating. ZEISS Concave Diffraction Gratings are designed to have high grating efficiency and minimized stray light, improving the spectral resolution and signal to noise ratios of spectrometers. Diffraction gratings with Rowland Circle or polychromator mounting configurations are available. Rowland Circle gratings are ideal for spectroscopic systems designed on a Rowland Circle while polychromator gratings are optimized for setups with a fixed arrangement of the entrance slit, grating, and plane sensor.

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